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“Such beautiful, one of a kind art with great detail. A fantastic splash of intricate richness for any office. Quality and love that shows. A definite talking piece”


A warm welcome to all who visit the Joyti Kaur Kalsi : Art Expedition, with all pieces dedicated to my father now in spirit, Kuldip Singh Kalsi, my light in darkness, my one of a kind. With Waheguru jis blessings, wisdom, love and strength through adversity which made it possible for us to come to this stage of our journey. All are welcome here.


I believe you can surpass physical, mental trauma to truly free your mind… Each piece here is a clue, a story, a map to a discovery. The method used is scratch art, reminding me of when art was once with nature, in the walls, within the material not just on top. I love how you can close your eyes and truly see the image, with touch and true vision… Walk through the darkness with me to find the light but also understand the darkness is light.


I am naturally connected to the materials I use, my pen being my Kirpan, my brush almost thinner than a strand of hair (kes). Each piece is not planned: I trust I have found my purpose, I feel, breathe, create. Each piece is not traced nor is there room for mistakes with scratch art, each line connecting to each other to become one whilst understanding that each drop of ink becomes one with the universe.


I have seen that “creativity is valuable for the correction of all imbalance.” Joyti Kaur Kalsi


“My Rab Da Roop, best friend, lioness and my bumblebee, the smallest creatures have the greatest impact, without you the flowers, crops and vegetables wouldn’t bloom”


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