Heal what ails your mind with the soul being the priority. Not allowing the external water to sink your ship, feed yourself with true beauty without the anchor.


I use the best materials to ensure for lasting creation. Taking it back to where creativity was with nature. I etch my stories into clay to show the light within darkness, merged together to show you the stories of the universe. Starting from one line, connected to all, my creations are etched, showing the skeleton of all being of the light. Each part of creation is made from frequency... Music. There is always something to look out for. Equation, the name, education, language and power... Just some of the things you will see on the highest level. See the dots - lines fitting together to show you something different from each angle. 


My style isn't to create the obvious. I do not believe all art is inspired by the previous. I create hints, clues. I love the Universe and want the best. I show events upcoming. Each creation comes with written format to make it easier to understand for those who need it. I have publicly spoken about the wrongful cultivation of creativity. I do not take my inspiration from one thing to another, I feel immersed to showcase the moments brought into powerful moments of existence. 


Original opportunities have been created for other creative people and lives have been changed with a change of perspective. Workshops have been used as an extension of teaching on freedom. Come along to events, step toward overcoming mental and physical obstacles. Obstacles are part of the path, I hope I inspire you as I have inspired others. Invest in spirit, there is no other art like this. This is all done in a way that is facilitating, there are many ways that visitors feel comfortable in their own thought processes who thoroughly enjoy the feeling of going on an adventure in the most unique way. 


Art is for appreciation not possession. Like the flower becomes friends with the earth, once picked it can no longer flourish. Which art chooses you? Which portal do you choose? Put value in the making of the correct conditions by investing in true energy source.