"the creative spirit is limitless"-

Joyti Kaur KALSI    


* Educational projects : not limited to Long term tutoring, workshops, demonstrations

* CREATIVE DIRECTOR :  not limited to videography, music, creative word... the one to portray the meaning in the correct way

*Maybe there is a disconnection with your ideas and those you think could benefit from your ideas, connection is what I do.

Contact form or email directly at  joytikaurkalsi@outlook.com

So ... You've taken a look at my demonstrations, previous projects, Q& A's, workshops, articulation of powerful written word, and  public speech... *takes breath* I'm always interested in working with great minds to come up with a new way to teach others about the beauty of the true art form and the importance of living a life creatively.

Here comes the transparency.. Below are some reasons as to why a new spark in your projects could be beneficial long term

* Community is important to me, learn something new without fearing failure.

*Train your staff or volunteers in the techniques they may need to do their jobs in a way beneficial for all with a fresh outlook.

* For all - all ages, catered for the best outcomes for all.

*Improve literacy skills and confidence in self expression.

* My art allows for exploration of endless topics, people from all walks of life learn something different.

* Lets look at logistics from all vantage points with ease.

* Personal attention to all aspects/ students. 


* Formal to informal, whatever suits your personality.


* Learn skills useful to future goals.

*Participation with me includes being in touch with an expert of all mediums. My chosen medium out of all is scratch art, showing you don't have to copy whats in front of you to create.... The possibilities are limitless, yet you can still be focused and beyond 'mistakes'.

* Participation in my workshops includes learning about different ways to look after your mental and physical health through various forms like meditation, positive thought process, Tae chi, Kirtan, understanding we are nature.


*Easy tips and advice, suggestions to incrementally improve with different learning styles in mind. 

*Confidence in all questions answered, reflection is encouraged to allow creativity to be absorbed.


*Steps forward are facilitated .. To learn at a deeper level I believe you have to be immersed in the experience of it, you have to get to the stage of balance, easy reflection & to accommodate it into your lifestyle.

*Experienced or heading in a fresh direction - explanations catered to receptiveness.

*No matter how many participants  - growth is always expected.

*Take a look at my gallery you'll see something you may not have been aware of before.

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