Views expressed by the expeditioners visiting 
Joyti Kaur Kalsi  | ART EXPEDITION 2019
|  Nature Arts & Crafts Festival 2019

“I was having a gloomy day and its dark outside, but this has opened my eyes almost for the first time and made me feel so happy.”

“it doesn’t matter the size, everything stands out and even one art piece owns the place.”

“I have grown up around people with problems, they have relied on me very much. I also drink very often now, it’s a way of socialising but also the basis for many people to escape problems and it’s the only way I know how to have fun… Speaking to Joyti and just speaking about her experience of overcoming obstacles has really helped. I never really understood art or how to draw but speaking and just following my heart here has really allowed me to reveal what I need to adapt to progress. I have truly seen true art.”

“This is an amazing experience, all about the creativity”

“I wonder how the synopsis is made, absolutely amazing to read”

“This is the first art event I have seen people travel from all around the world for, hearing all types of accents and languages and the art speaks to all of them.”

 “I’ve seen animals… Cats and dogs come to look at the art. I feel lonely often and to come across such beauty… I feel the room is always full”

“There is much spiritual energy, I have learnt things I never knew before this really is like an adventure for the soul”

“You have inspired me and saved me”

“It all feels quite personal, it truly does allow me to feel I am connected somehow”

“I just don’t know how Joyti does it, its all unable to be duplicated, I can’t understand how but I can see why. I thought it was sugar paper or even fabrics… Amazing, my eyes have never seen anything like this.”

“This is the first event I have seen people really feel captured by the art. There is not one person who doesn’t leave without spending their hours really looking at the finer details and reading the stories. Not one person has walked in and out the same. Joyti has really put effort into this expedition

“I stopped doing art and you really made me want to do it again, a part of me has been missing.”

“I felt like the art was moving with me”

“It really looks like the art is walking towards me”

“I really felt a connection that I can’t explain”

“Wow! I have never felt that way about art before, but I feel this is different”

“So beautiful”

“How does everything stay connected and still be such an amazing work of art individually”

"You should be so proud"

“As a woman I feel many people try to limit me or tell me what I should be doing by a deadline, its so much pressure. Speaking with you and looking at your work really makes me feel like I can own my life”

“Thank you for helping me come to terms with my loss, I had no'one when I lost the one person who encouraged me. Truly brought tears to my eyes just knowing I can continue to live and breathe more easily”

"Thank you, your workshop really helped with my confidence"

"This is amazing, no words"

"I am beginning to love and understand nature. It is beautiful how you help the children as well as adults really enjoy nature."

“I believe your role here is much bigger than we think”

"So much fun and energy"                               "I really love nature and the can appreciate the art of it now"

"It's just so beautiful"                "so creative, different and artistic" 


"I learnt how to properly meditate and take steps forward in my spirituality and really understand happiness. "     "I didn't know what a divaa was, amazing stories"

"I'm thankful to Joyti, I really had a chance to express myself"

"Great for all ages and backgrounds, we enjoyed bringing our family"    "I have more confidence, thank you"


















"Would definitely encourage everyone to go take part in future events. See this first hand as it really was amazing"

"I loved the day, such a knit together vibe"

"I love the idea of art outdoors, there was so much unique beauty... Many different things to see and take part in." 

"I love how unique your art is as well as your personality it seems whatever you create is such fun and educating for all."

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