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Nature arts & Crafts community festival

 Art demonstration and workshop with Joyti Kaur Kalsi


"Water is the one true reflection, it is the water that replenishes itself by asking the clouds to give it a new window of life. It is the wonder of the spiral of the blue window that falls upon the concept of time. It follows the pattern of its bed, two almost separate always together. I have wanted to love the entirety of the valley and beyond. The layers within show each piece of the valley, walking through my mind I have seen all from the red bloom of flowers to the yellows of light hidden amongst the green. I have seen the light of moon shine with an unmatched blue and silver, an addition to the purity of the water simply merging to the colour of the night where the grass dances with the wind flowing from the breath of life. There is a familiar face with royal blue and moonlight, one is source. The trees reach higher from since their dawn. Their leaves showing the pattern of differing seasons. They whisper in the wind with their roots connecting to all, spreading their beauty. They are the epitome of being one with the universe. When another cuts them they show no sign of pain."



With art demonstrations its nice for visitors/ audiences to see the journey. You can really see just how the layers fit, how "magical" it is to see the different events and connections throughout. It is an interesting way others can see how I create. I like to interact and answer questions. Its great to see the reactions face to face!

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