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Overcoming mental and physical hardship.

Mid 2018 – start 2019

33 creations – the value scratched within with the stories weaving together.. Ek Guru Nanak Dev Ji was one of the first pieces I started in 2016. My art shows the energy of all, therefore I build the skeletons first. My art is not about copying what the eyes are limited to. Join me for a creative lifestyle


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Recognition begins, November 2018 award winning artist for excellence - art placed in online gallery exhibits



May 2019 solo art expedition – walk in viewings for all the community, open evening a huge success. Another open evening on May 14th was held. Opportunities created for other local artists, Kirtan and high vibe music always played. Joyti Kaur Kalsi art in itself is so interactive, people felt they were walking toward them, with children and animals looking into the art which was placed into a wave pattern splashing across the gallery. Days and nights full of creativity. People have been affected by the energy within the art. They changed their lives with positivity. The expedition was even extended to the first day of June. Guests were deemed 'Expeditioners', going on a journey of the soul. This was food for the soul with the question which portal do you choose? as well as which art chooses you? Information on Joyti Kaur Kalsi's father, Kuldip Singh Kalsi touched many hearts. The first exhibition I have seen people spend hours looking, interacting.

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Opportunities created:1-2-1 workshops and advice for artists and all on building on your creative mindset throughout.

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May 30th style your own divaa workshop, for all ages to understand the historical and cultural understanding of LIGHT as well as an interactive introduction to spreading LIGHT and meditation. Kuldip means lamp of the family, Joyti means the light.

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4 major interviews throughout May – the message of art in its true form spread across the globe, visitors from all walks of life worldwide continued to pour in.

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Heaven                7

More pieces were created, which portal do you choose?

Eight infinite

An invitation to shine at RSPB Nature arts & crafts festival > Joyti Kaur Kalsi joined by countless people for a live demonstration with live Q & A, people were intrigued by the unique method, some had thought it was thread, sugar paper. The light is shown as the skeleton of all, with the piece "Reflection" created.

Nature arts and crafts community festiva

Nine 9

Workshop for all ages the appreciation of merging with nature again, nature is a gift ( pic of one with gift tag) we are nature.  

Our life stories, paths are not always in chronological order...

What came first? The art or the person? I was always creative and played around with different methods but had not one that was my favourite. Once I reveal the creations of 2003 you will see the connections, a shade of what I wanted to eventually reveal. I curated exhibitions at that time but creativity isn’t just on a canvas or a billboard it is my way of life... Under ten years of age I enjoyed creating books, stories. Now the stories I reveal are a vital part of passing knowledge to those who seek it. These not not merely descriptive but a reminder of the story of consciousness. They are written in the way the universe prefers its stories to be told..... I look back and feel I was just revealing myself to myself. You will see the way the connection was always there but it was a case of understanding my passion and in turn showing that it’s okay to look into other walks of life, careers so long as you begin to understand how to control your own energy to find your true purpose. 

I thoroughly enjoyed all things music.. I enjoy singing and you will find that each piece is a part of the one symphony. You will see the layers of music. Some have music compositions, some are to show you the dance of life. I have spent some time creating videos and fast forwarding the process but the answers are truly in the stillness. It is up to the onlooker to view each angle and find beauty they never saw before, every time you look at my art you will see something different.

The Ek Guru Nanak Dev ji piece was the one I wanted to show my father but this piece wasn’t finished until 2018 around the same time as The Queen of All Creation, Lotus and Dashmesh Guru Pita Kalgeya Valeya, Guru Pita Gobind singh Ji. These pieces from the first were all a trust in my energy and myself. The colours,  the tones, the lines the pressure all an extension of true beauty. Here is the antidote, my connection to the purest love. 

Learn, read & feel
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The power in demonstrating art in the correct way.
Stem, The Organic Gallery

Artists comment: 

I created this page to reflect a little bit of what you see in person... to see the creation in person, check up here