Frequently asked questions

How do I take care of my investment?

We humbly request that you care for this art as an extension of Satguru. All art is an extension of spirituality and source and should be treated as such. Any investor will be humbly chosen as they have chosen. As all is created from scratch, no planning, no tracing, there may be variations in imagery vs in person e.g. more shine in person. All art has been chosen to be created in a method whereby it remains reasonably intact. Our advice as with all art is to try to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Can I see more about the creation process?

Sure! We have got snippets on our site aswell as progress videos and images on our @joytikaurkalsi Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. The links to these can also be found on the top right or bottom left of each page. Feel more than welcome to like, share and keep in touch with us. The more the merrier! Feel free to read our story on a little bit about how the art came about on our "about" page. You can also subscribe to our newsletters (bottom of homepage) and be the first to get the juicy news or alternatively contact us to let us know you would like to be a part of the Joyti Kaur Kalsi team and recieve the latest news. Please also get to know Joyti Kaur Kalsi a little bit more with the posts on the blog!

Can I get involved with events?

Sure, all are welcome! You will see details of events throughout as well as on social media and on "Awaken".

How do you know what is coming up in the design of your art? Even the pieces tell a story whilst being made.

I follow my heart, whatever is supposed to be portrayed will be revealed, this is through light, layers and splashes of colour. Each full of energy.

I've never seen anything like this, are you able to create the same art again?

All is unique, all are the same but different. I speak about this and showcase this e.g. "Stem". The map can always be created by myself again but this is about seeing something different each time you look. Feeling something new yet familiar.

When I saw you at your demonstrations, I watched how each piece started with a dot or a line, how do you show all the elements when you are not even in that place? It is like you travel.

Freedom of mind is difficult but worth the steps. You can go anywhere in one sitting. True art is about revealing rather than just observing.

The framing technique you choose is the first of its kind, please tell me more about this?

The frames chosen are suited to really partner with the art. I preferred how you can reach into the frames. Each piece is suspended directly in the middle of the frame with a crisp outline to really allow you to further feel dimensions.

If we want to learn more, please advise how

You will see beauty everywhere, I have confidence you'll (most of all) enjoy all the resources. Read on "about", "story", "comments", "Stem", "awaken". Its all about the antidote for the pure heart. "Stem" is an event suited to all capabilities... Throughout the days you'll be able to interact, feel... Connect.

The interesting questions we receive are changing, and thats a good sign!

this page will be shortly updated once again to ensure the availability of the best information!