For those interested in the path of self love and pivotal identity treat yourself or another to a portrait with a difference

The finer detail... 

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*What you love about the choice (Self love, A loved ones gift or celebration of memory lane) you want me to portray

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1.2 Note this is unlike any other art, representation. This is about the positives, you leave Joyti Kaur Kalsi with the artistic freedom to come up with the unexpected. Take a look at Stem to get an idea of how this works!

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1.6 We reserve the right to decline any requests we find unsuitable.

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^ A gift to yourself, learn more about yourself

^ appreciate yourself for more than what others see

^ invest in a unique opportunity

Self Love

^ A gift that continues to give for generations to come

^ An interesting choice for those looking to truly express love

^ A smile on anothers face 

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of memory lane

^ A brilliant way to not only remember a place, situation but remember how it feels, a 360 feel

^A new level of appreciation

^ A way to express yourself and share the view with others 

A Loved Ones Gift