Treat yourself or another to a portrait with a difference

For those interested in the path of self love and pivotal identity

Self Love

^ A gift to yourself, learn more about yourself

^ appreciate yourself for more than what others see

^ invest in a unique opportunity

^ A gift that continues to give for generations to come

^ An interesting choice for those looking to truly express love

^ A smile on anothers face


^A show of your inspirational person of all

of memory lane

^ A brilliant way to not only remember a place, situation but remember how it feels, a 360 feel

^A new level of appreciation: weddings, a new bundle of joy, meeting your goals

^ A way to express yourself and share the view with others 

A Loved Ones Gift

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The finer detail... 


Choose your choice:  Self love, A loved ones gift or celebration of memory lane


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Fill in the details;

What are your interests and aims. What is it you would like to understand more about yourself. 

ReignDrop is about allowing yourself to see and feel more than what you already know. The reality of things without the influence of just our own ways. A service extremely beneficial for the promotion of self gratitude, contentment and good mental health. Note this is unlike any other "artistic representation" You leave Joyti Kaur Kalsi with the freedom to come up with the unexpected, allowing you to see the truth without a negative influence. Take a look at Stem to get an idea of how the creations are created.


Sending images to go with your ReignDrop,  please email images (after filling the form below with your ReignDrop request) to joytikaurkalsi@outlook.co.uk. Please ensure you use the same email address you used on the form and headline your email with the same phone number you have supplied in the form.

LIMITED TIME £150 for one selection