"Joyti Kaur Kalsi ~ personal raindrop"

Will "you be the raindrops that merge into the ocean 

              that glisten in the sun? 

              that heal the earth?  ... Fly with the wind” ~ JOYTI KAUR KALSI 

After much request I am pleased to announce that I will be starting personalised art to purchase as a gift for yourself or another, something highlighting your inspiration, passion and love. 

I have always stated that my art is the story of life itself, of true energy, of beauty… Stories of the universe. You see the root, the oneness, the breath…The energy first. I know you feel the connection to my art and even the word art doesn't suffice in describing the purpose each creation has. I hear many of you have taken a step towards the positive, for which I am so fortunate to be a part of.

Each interaction teaches something, each window of perception shows another in a different light. In this instance you'll see something revealed to you. You may not like the rain but maybe you're also resilient ... Going through grey skies to feel the sunshine and still come to appreciate the importance of the "rainy days"...

A big difference in my creation is all that is portrayed is shown in its truest form first, not objectified. It is portrayed for what is beyond the net of today. It is not just the colour or the form you see at first glance. The big difference here is the showcase of the pieces to your puzzle, not just a type of photograph. You will see something you may not have been expecting, there is a real element of wonder and surprise to any piece I do. If you're up for going on an adventure with an artist of true form then get in touch with the details of what you want the art to be based around and I'll add the toppings to your desired "topic".

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