Eco no my

Eco no my

My father’s generation had many obstacles and oppression when trying to live their dreams. Deserving so much times he lived through me and at times I lived through him. His smile through all the steps of his life is my shining beacon. Everyday… A silent hero in such infinite ways.

Some have continued to be a dreamer and a smart worker but… their health may be affected. Others may have never had a choice of what they would have wanted to be. Many have understood that their aim to work within an organisation is a fruitful one for them but often they forget to have a balance in life, that to wake up in the morning is to live and not to type. Others have travelled beyond the selfish needs of using another individual like they are a battery pack. Thought processes of some in relation to living may often display a blanket of limitation. At one point only males would be able to do what their father did as a career. Many generations have been stopped from living their truth. The forceful perception of others spread makes another own a habit, a pick of poison… Once introduced to them and then finally becoming a way they are lowered.

The wanting more more more when you do not require it for purpose, stomping on another’s happiness… a terrible affair. With those of blessings very often incapable of using it with thoughts beyond a temporary journey.

There are so many out there with such strong capabilities who are at the mercy of those with no mercy. With lack of the below… a big strain continues to seep through generations whether big or small… an Imbalance exists. Decisions made by others for others impacts lives resulting in the incapable using of natural ingenuity.

Youth is often impatient desperate for some freedom, the aged often snatching at the young talent and youthful skin despite them already having their turn.

Ugly thoughts begin to show on their faces, these fools incapable of love.

We often go through battles forced upon us by those closest who insist on making you look like you are incapable of love… when you finally choose to love yourself. Love does not mean to stay quiet in contexts which do not require it, it also does not mean to explain when the context does not require it… Each scenario requires capable breath.

You are the richest person in the world if you have love. Love is health, self-care, the love for other creatures who have not forcibly separated themselves from their own being. Everybody craves love others act like certain means are not a signal of this. It is a mistake to think love is not an achievement. We often want something beyond what we are stimulated by here and fail to adjust when understanding how basing decisions off transactions are prioritised over decisions based on love. Love is all powerful, it is sheer protection, it is sheer bliss, love is the most adaptive, it is the ability to make inventions from these mistakes, it is the magnet. It is the ability to move on from one purpose to another when the right moment comes. It is the destruction of the wrongful intentions, the ability to finally say no to the practices entwined in gaining false currency.

I can reassure you many achieve what they thought they wanted and realised it wasn’t what they wanted. That is why choosing a path of high unfulfillment over working together with someone that shows you pure love is not always the best idea. Even if that ‘fails’ you learn to feel fulfilled within yourself.


One can still be successful if they hold their hope high without rushing to the wrong step. There is much in desires. When you give another power over your desires you give them means to control you forever.

To say the least, it is highly unlikely that those who prevent individuals from gaining a means to support themselves and having a relationship with natural resources will get away with it.

Do we support the right people? We have a means to receive goods and services but have limited life to be just about this, to think we are losing if we invest in someone, we know is greater than us.

Yes, certain things we currently pay for should be free but should we expect those with such talent to give away their all. No. By free I do not just speak about money.

Eco no my

We now have more of those capable of remembering they are made of the earth. They put the earth first as much as they can whilst continuing on lifestyles. They are in situations where they often put others first for years and forget about themselves. They have been through collective challenges during all the monumental moments of their life. It is thoughtless to think you own the Earth when in moments… the land upon which an office exists can easily be placed under the ocean. Even if you build within the seas, joining of materials with strange intentions will never surpass the Earth.

We have all these processes and little to no progress, these observations of separate ideologies, basic theories lined with lack of care for the many mean this global society is full of poverty.

Competition is not really what its always made out to be, from observation it may be a title used to hide bitter outlook.

Sevaa does not mean you give your talent away. Talent is rich and worthy. You may give your grains… more than what is accountable… but your account will always… stays full. Giving away to look a way is never going to work. It also does not mean you will lose if you share kindness. Using pictures and videos to not showcase the truth of who really is the kind one. Sevaa doesn’t put a strain on anybody. It is not just the secondary person you end up helping. The ‘transactions’ of the universe are beyond comprehension, beautiful, infinite and a sewing of all moments.

Acquiring an education of real historical heritage and understanding the global pandemics of lack of education are connected… vital.

There are many situations individuals went through that coming generations still go through. Some have become bitter at another’s happiness, a younger persons… happiness etc… I am proud of those who do not stay quiet when they find their actions are not of an honest living. They shine as fierce as the beacon. I am also proud of those who continue to live knowing their small actions make a big difference ~ Sat (truth), Daya (compassion), Santokh (contentment), Nimrata (humility), and Pyaar (love) > (very basics in brackets). Support compassionate ideas, employees and businesses.

There are debates of whether art is necessary, artists have provided a cut through the noise others make. A true artist provides an education of all your topics combined, providing shades of the truth in a society worrisome of quite often useless probabilities.

Often material expressions lack substance. The solutions to such lack of substance are so glaring. Some funnily want to live on other planets rather than loving the earth they learn to walk on, yet still have not trained themselves to find balance on. Rather than change practices, production and resources they want to… Yawn

Education is so scarce you question the power of those connected to creativity in a universe risen from creativity. You despise creators, givers of birth and those of true value who would cultivate powerful change. There are many who wear the perfume of fear with no ingredients of contentment. Many are capable of coming up with the worst decisions you could possibly think of on a daily basis, at least 27 times a day. Many think because of various fears you must cleanse something that was already clean. The real complex beauty of the systems, diverse beauty of the world should be an example to you. The notion of the consumption of everything, consuming everything in your path is one of embarrassment. There is this notion of things taking longer if you are patient, which is not always correct.

Are we not beyond the idea of having to buy items bad for our health in excess? Whilst sitting there sipping, interrupting your own breath wondering whether the person choosing not to do this or choosing to no longer do this is… clean.

There is creation

Objects, clothing, those who enjoy placing nets, and machines.

We can wear, treat, live but…as I receive questions in relation to the above answers often, we should begin to think whether we have these items and desires from a place of ego. Is it not past the point of thinking certain processes should be permanent when they are incredibly dull and there are clear signs of needing better services, products and multitalented results of correct leadership.

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