Growth Mind / Set

You have to ease out the weeds, grow through your environment, stand taller, own your colours… I have to breathe, as the one reminds me, feel the sun cause the winds to change in my mind. I have to lift myself gently through the earth, be of the mother earth. Do they remember the sound I make when I reach for the love of the sun. The soft rustling even I… Did not appreciate. Loud for some, quiet for others. I lived in the darkness, surrounded by all kinds of creatures that I wasn’t familiar with. I begin to understand their nourishment of the soil. I have much of a purpose and my one nourishes me with the gentle water. There is a purpose for all, all details thought about, some chances taken, others… Wasted. I begin to believe and achieve. I begin to break from my shell and find my own way to nourish myself again. With these green leaves I begin to dance in the wind. In the wind. I may look to be in one spot of which they tried to place me… But, I have travelled all known and beyond. These weights… I now hold as part of me instead of letting them push me back to the underneath. I have begun to blossom, I looked like a flower at first but then I noticed in my separation of more than one me, a fracture of light from essence to adventure… I flew in the wind long before I even realised my sight met yours. The innate bravery it takes to lift another, I am aware. The very idea of the essence of your call. I have become one and in my devoted state… I am whole.

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