Stem 1/2


Written in promise Stem - Awaken 1 of 2.

I enjoyed creating an experience so you can truly immerse yourself and have information in ways accessible to all

I never intended to just paint what is in front of me. I show the root, the stem, the cause, the solutions, the views. I show all levels of the Stem. B r a I n w a v e. Stem of the brain, the natural movement, the adaptation of view over conditioning, the real perception free of insecurities. It is when you truly zoom in you can see the real colours. I wanted those who understand effort to view the different levels of stem. I called this unique event, my “organic gallery”. I have made it clear that Creativity is for appreciation, heightening and correction.

I hope you take a breath and begin to see life so.

There are those who have made the connections to my telling of events within my creations but I am by no means what they may incorrectly brand another a psychic or someone’s gimmick. I adore the creator, the universe and love the universes true language. There is a reason for what I do, this cannot be eradicated. I am sure this is clear to some already. I hope my mistakes, my perfections, my talent and the waves I cause… Help you truly evolve. The process of this is even outlined in the ‘titles’ throughout Stem.

With no planning or tracing I truly begin to see when I let my roots do the talking. The power of the plant is power of the soil. As you will see the layers are all a part of the result. It is not just layers of colours to get pigmentation correct. The correction spreads everywhere. There is always something new with every view. My intentions have been made clear.

Trauma is a sign of what you can do to help change for others

Love is a sign for what can lead to your purpose

Dreams are not constant, not always the same. They do not last forever… results may. Correct passing is required when instinct demands it.

Dreams require your adaptation. You may be working to prevent extinction and once there are enough free birds you understand your dreams can change instead of trying to prevent a solution for your false profit. And… That is what is beautiful. You may be wanting to be the one of domineering product knowing well your product is not suitable for health. Societal needs become clear and so should you. We don’t need you to wipe us 'clean' we need you to be a part of the flourish, until that is at least known your account is truly empty.

Make the correct choices of support

A brand identity is not your forms identity.

You must aim to learn through love instead of trauma.

Learn facts not labels

Nowadays one mistake can be a branding ...

I was always told to never to use a dark background. I was always told to stay within the lines when it is not just what is within the lines. It is the inverted, the “background” and the real make up… of all. I like the shading as well as the sun.

Adapt your view, your conversation… If they are not okay, then they are not okay.

Too many times others want to blame the people born with solution, forget about finishing a sentence, you do not let them begin. You have every opportunity to learn from the correct people but instead you want to accuse them of things once they 'speak' up for themselves.

Support the right ones ~ you will know. 'Hints' have been given. Your background is emphasised more when that only makes up a unnecessary part of the art of life until you chisel away the ego.


Stem wave

Stem view

Stem flight

All levels connected Stem > Stem Wave > Stem View > Stem Flight will now be released in pages (drop down menu) for all who were unable to find the link.

Every Wednesday ਬੁੱਧਵਾਰ there will be a link on “ Stem” found same as before, you can reference these at a later date for what has been released.

ALSO on Wednesday ਬੁੱਧਵਾਰ, another release on Stem wave

Every Friday ਸ਼ੁੱਕਰਵਾਰ, another release on Stem View

Every Saturday ਸ਼ਨੀਵਾਰ, another release on Stem Flight

(week commencing 08/06/2020)

Updates will be as soon as if not on those “days”

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