Please do not fall for the falsehood of the increase in ‘awaken’ in product placement and false positivity from people who have been unscrewing your mind for so long. Show you are capable of more. You are not the beautiful new-born bird waiting for it’s parent to feed it, you are the bird who must now face the truth. Follow your heart. take these moments to understand the purpose. Take these times to make a difference. Understand yourself. Understand the connection, the network. Understand what can be improved. Understand what really required you to miss it. If all the answers were given to you would you appreciate, would you learn within your journey? If all the answers were given in conversation would you truly gain? Would the motion of interconnections go amiss? If I were to never ask a thing regardless of me already knowing... Would it not suggest you were not valuable enough to give? To awaken isn’t to suggest those who are simply not ready... Should, da...

ngerously so. Many have failed to understand the process of battling may be ongoing, the levels of progress are not such that you go through inter changing points to all of a sudden… Be.

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