Dashmesh Guru Pita Kalgeya Valeya, Guru Pita Gobind singh Ji

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the warrior and saint of the Universe and guardian of the world. Through his ancestors and strength, he is connected to Waheguru and all creatures, can you spot them?

A Chand (Moon) and Suraj (Sun) celebrate the joining of the true Guru and the world. The Guru showed the light of the one within the darkness of the mind. The Guru showed the power of the lotus flower, the one and the bravery of his Sikhs. The interlocking of the Gurus sakhis (stories) make up his features to show his body is more than what we pursue. He is the history and future I aspire to. I am his little one who is linked through the love of the one to create.

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