The Queen of all Creation

Originating from the one, beyond the concept of time, the queen battles all evil to unite the love of all creation for the one. It was creation which took advantage, thus creating anti love emotions; lust, rage, greed, attachment and conceit. This allowed evil to form and battle her and the saintly figures whom she created. These battles are as of evils need to acquire the imbalance they require for their survival. She battles evil with the ones who sacrifice themselves wholly for the protection and happiness of creation understanding they are we and not I. Together they battle on all worldly planes. All is overcome with great strength, positivity and pure energy, the dance of the battle is with the rhythm of everything. Everything is rhythm, art, music, one. They are known by trillions but not by the remaining millions who are in deep sleep.  ‘Undiscovered’ planets all connected to the leaves of the lotus flower Queen, the one beyond time and space.

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