The Worriless Wings

The worriless wings were finally set free from the now abolished evil which stole and captured them. The wings were captured when the one with the wings was a child. The child’s wings were taken when she was but one, in fear of her waking up the world to the realm of truth. She was full of innocence and promise in the realm of truth, in confusion and betrayal she went through trouble, trauma and abuse throughout her younger adult days and went searching for love in all the incorrect places as evil would continue to stop her from remembering the rare one who loved her truly and caused him to act differently after the afternoons were done, he was pure but every soul which had not gone through its awakening in its lifetime could be controlled as a vehicle through anger and ego. Evil would watch as these two pure souls would be divided and they would celebrate in anticipation with pride. The child finally grew free through determination and faith to see her full form and thus so did the wings and they were whole again. She also realised the amount of memories which were erased or edited and vowed to never let them take advantage of her again, as doing so is taking advantage of the connected world. She understood despite not knowing the full extent she battled to save him and herself and all connected through all she did. She used her unconditional love for the rare who loved her truly to colour the world and give her loved ones soul strength and wisdom This piece is celebrating all who have set themselves free from the shackles of evil through the path of light and growth.

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