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Building relationships with your staff and colleagues, like all relationships is an ongoing process, building of connections, building trust and understanding each other as integral parts of a team. It's always good to try to do something new, to get back in touch with strengthening your mental and physical strength as individuals... finding an avenue to come up with creative solutions and  building on a new mind set which can leave you feeling refreshed in the daily grind.

Staff building is not only crucial for the above points but also for challenging stereotypes, being an active way to show you genuinely care for each character. It is a tangible way to be a crucial addition to an organisations aims and objectives whilst meeting targets in a more progressive and productive way. 


As an expert in all art mediums, my chosen method is Scratch art. It is the one method you can really feel you are a part of the "canvas", digging in to create something you can truly connect with. Be the change...


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Ongoing (weekly) workshops: team building linked to meditation, spirituality and nature projects 

Demonstrations:  a fun way to get the staff guessing, feeling more engaged and feeling invested in

Flexibility: want something unique to you and your staff, get in touch.

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