This is an event. This is my organic “gallery”. For those with different capabilities to come together. For those who can listen by reciting, listen. For those who can look, watch the process. For those who can view, experience. Most importantly, see how everything connects. Just like at "Joyti Kaur Kalsi: Art Expedition"... Look at how they match, look at how they are all the same but… Yet so different. Look at how layers showing events connect, are upcoming... Tell me what you think you can see.… The stems of the earth connect with the spine, the brain. The veins connect to the wind, true sparks fly with the oceans. I am of the earth. I am a guest. I shall be no more than the earth.

I want you to continue to experience. This is an experience. Share. LOVE > stem > energy > electricity.

Heres how… "Instructions 1st"

On page “Stem”, we click onto the link which appears when we view/ click over the particular angle of the image… Guess what you will see, enjoy the blurs, Fires, volcanoes, Sparks of clay are the universe. Islands with vivid colours above water and within water are also the universe. Enjoy how no matter where you put yourself, the lines aka stems connect. These links will be released throughout each week, more instructions to follow. I want you message me via the "connect" page, via social media, get involved, share the link, support throughout. There will be posts to read/ view on the “Awaken” page. There is no purpose to these days chosen, there is some purpose however to the order. The First to be released will be "Dashmesh Guru Pita Kalgeya Valeya, Guru Pita Gobind singh Ji", hence… Please do not be alarmed if you are unable to click onto others on the “Stem” page. Please also be aware experience may vary from PC desktop to mobile. Get involved, think, learn, share and most of all enjoy real ‘art’, a respected creation... Required for life, vital as “creativity is valuable for the correction of all imbalance”


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