STEM Joyti Kaur Kalsi


Sach khand Harmandir sahib was full of artists

Perceptive receptive perception

They can’t tell and show you anything Satguru Ji hasn’t. You can still be blessed to be a friend of Guru Ji. Guru Granth Sahib Ji is your support not your scripture, charge yourself as well as you charge your devices. They can’t show you a new discovery that a pure heart has not pulled into consciousness first. There are silent heroes. The creator has already created.


A lot of my creation is to remind… of the power of Gurmukhi … MUKH… Do I need to provide a translation or is it better when you have the correct intentions to want to understand? What I will say is all language, science, math, colour, nature, universes, all can be found in Gurmukhi. The word Gurmukhi in itself requires the (health) beneficial movement of the tongue. Watch the way the tongue moves. Science is the observation of the universe without having the need to grasp it. Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar was a place of people of all disciplines who came together and learnt together. Spirits who learnt disciplines as one without separation. The most perfect home to learn together. Surrounded by those who held Guru Ji in their love filled mind. There was no separate on physics, biology, astronomy… Do the most that you can do, the key has always been ‘spiritual’. The very importance of each instance of Harmandir Sahib is a support to all and the truth deserves this back.

If you are not brave enough to live the truth doesn’t mean someone else isn’t allowed to.

The very path of spirituality was so heavily pressed down upon. If the perception of kindness was so that you think kindness is weakness… then why do you fall for the perception of it? The simplification without opening of your receptiveness has meant that four doors open to all has been a somewhat marketing ploy. How boring is it to keep hearing quotes like “a religion around 500 years old”. There had been much beautiful change throughout the ages because of Sikhi, as long as the purpose of creation has stood, Sikhi has been here. The difference now is just the rest of consciousness had become more receptive to being blessed with the beauty of Guru Ji in a different way. Sikhi is not a ism, nor this or that label…. It is an avenue for those who want to explore in a high vibrational way. It is a medicine in the life of those who want to swim across. It is beyond human made boundaries. It is who you would be if people JUST LEFT YOU TO YOUR INSTINCT. It is being free. A warrior even when you are in another’s shackles, you are not their property. A carer who others should begin to care for too. Experiences of Guru Jis include the travel (Udasi) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the light showing the light in the dark age, not the “founder”… There is such obvious information… Guru Ji arrived into a family with practices he was critical of. People would ask which “religion” he belonged to. The way spirituality had been categorised so... attached to the need for collection not freedom. You can see from the steps of Guru Ji being beyond the boundaries of what faith had become, yet somehow we are 'religion'? Honestly, I’m just scratching the surface. On travels with Bhai Mardana, belonging to another “religion” also not the average thought processing person of that 'religion'. They travelled to remind saints on how to truly be. You have everyone focusing on the background and not the foreground. I choose to create the opposite. Sitting in the background the saints would be at the whim of ill practices. You have a picking of the juxtaposition instead of the whole, when its staring you in the face. There are popular movies, hits, successes all connected to untold life stories. That’s why I have also provided written. More than labels… Sikhi is a blessing with undefeatable guidance so you stop falling for some random person who has steered with ego and not with essence. Without people who think they should be the bees knees quite literally…. World problems could all be solved in under one year. Many ask for signs, many times the signs already being there for years. Do you have an ability to be receptive? The answer is a definite no when you think you are a controller. The best has come from instinct… in other words the creator. When goodness feels belittled someone else takes advantage and thinks they have created something but it is always in the worst, lack of quality, hideous way.

Affirm, I am not separate from the universe.

Just because Guru Ji blessed in ways you know nothing about, just because someone spoke in an unfamiliar way to you… does not mean they did not save your entire world, worlds, universes. Just because something happens across the world from you does not mean it is not your problem or not a part of your chosen stage. You are the views. Be careful what you set your eye too.


The bird does not hate the wind just because it spreads fast sometimes. The bird dances with the wind to keep its flight.

If intimidation occurs because of what you call a female form...   My focus is not simply on what I am, I just know I am.

With nature. You don’t have to be fond of everything at first. You don’t have to touch a creature to love. Those who understood the connection were not what they were called. They were not savages, there are always indications of when someone creates an incorrect perception and it is because they are aware of those in question being better than them. A ship once travelled with those of lack of oxygen in their brains, they starve themselves of connection and abuse the ocean and the ‘poor’. They are already mad and given false power, the echo in their minds only of their shortness and insecurities…  ready to take the real jewels away. I understand that many blame the creator for bad things that occur. If something bad happens why wasn’t it stopped. I have observed the majority acting out of trauma, not dharam. I have observed the dragging of insecurities, I have observed lack of unity in the cases of the vulnerable. I have planted many good seeds and many good deeds but I have never thought of marketing in such a cheap way. I understand all is recorded. I have observed such a lack of connection that we want to befriend the unrighteous, we want to allow them to carry on being a spewing annoyance. We think with a lack of context... So many separate quotes... It is those at the root cause of fault we should be questioning and it doesn’t matter who they are to us. We are connected to the creator (some more than others) and each has a purpose to adhere to. Don’t let anyone break you… Don’t let yourself break you… Let the water slowly amend the shell with you, appreciate the shell for it was once you and think outside the lines. Without the fear of mistake the waves are created. Nature could have turned against those abusing instead it has blessed such beautiful spirits to play and learn… It is a garden where a true artist being of a profession beyond what is already here… can travel… Does travel really ever end? An artist helps others onto the ship and to not allow their fears of the waves prevent them from moving, they move without killing the oceans. The ship is welcomed and the seed sets flight, its travels unending, its love created the garden, the oceans the lights. It doesn’t care for the growth of the number of creatures it has met and spread kindness to on its travels, all it cares for is love… The quality over quantity. The imperfections is what makes my creation perfect. Revolve, rotate, circle, circuit, wheel,  circulate, radiate, companion, shine.

Here you will see the essence of Gurmukhi. We are not your perception. We live in the dance of the planets. Here you will see true connective points to reveal things you think… You.. discovered.

I have always felt visual was needed to understand, yet as usual we have those without the correct perception standing around with their hands in a square shape as if that’s a frame? I understand my art to be beyond its frame so I include written art I call *stem flight* one being a flight. So, you can continue to understand without someone else being the pilot. With the correct lens you can see the correct thing, with the correct intention you can see the steps… This does not work for the wrong and temporary people.



A drop of water became the ocean

I have fallen before… The pressure each night and day, the crash instead of the swim. The depression until I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. Affirm, a hand found mine, I’m not alone, now I can dive deep into the ocean, the ringing in my ears has stopped. I have realised I wasn’t even breathing. Beneath my eyes I stood in a storm that I understood is the cause of physical issues. The pain of not being able to walk again, again, again. These are my love songs to the only one who was there for me. All problems have not gone but my perception is at flight with just how much love there is.

Breathe, bullys are boring say bye, lets let go together and live. Feel, let in. I have learnt to continue to rest in the midst of noise. I also understand the possibilities are unwritten.

Time to bloom. These words have been with me always, the right moments come so I express them to give the basics of each creation of art.

Moments still unwritten.

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The first stem flight…

Stem flight.jpg

dashmesh Guru Pita

Kalgeya Valeya, Guru Pita Gobind Singh Ji

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the warrior and saint of the Universe and guardian of the world. Through his ancestors and strength, he is connected to Waheguru and all creatures, can you spot them?

A Chand (Moon) and Suraj (Sun) celebrate the joining of the true Guru and the world. The Guru showed the light of the one within the darkness of the mind. The Guru showed the power of the lotus flower, the one and the bravery of his Sikhs. The interlocking of the Guru ji’s sakhis (stories) make up his features to show his body is more than what we pursue. He is the history and future I aspire to. I am his little one who is linked through the love of the one to create.


The amazon is very wonderful, the untouched nature, the origin of water on this planet. The complex yet simple ecosystem is the most beautiful. All cures can be found here.  Gold sparkle, vibrant splashes of colours. I am nature.

Crow love song

 The crow calls the one, the birds fly and soar above the one in human form. The spirit of the one morphs into any form, any creature. Any world created by the one shows the beauty of Waheguru Ji can be found anywhere. 

Ek Guru Nanak Dev Ji

The nature of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the light; sheer power, illuminating darkness can be seen with loyal companions, the first Sikh Bibi Nanaki and Bhai Mardana Ji with the strings of fellowship… Cleansing coherence. Such pure beauty even the human form cannot contain. The Guru is with his loyal companions carrying the truth. Guru ji is with worldly and other worldly elements with infinite planets and a shawl filled with the crossing of oceans. The ocean we are in, the blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji protect us beyond the comprehension of all. The one satGuru jis mind is of such perfection that the traditions of inequality are eradicated in the minds of the pure as the Guru is the very air we need to breathe regardless of conditioning. 


The world window being one with the beautiful underworld. Waves of light, they climb up the storks of the lotus flower to form the universe and continue to be… Life... Love

one swan

The one swan watches as it is finally released from its shell of sheer imprisonment and bleak hardship. Despite purity and goodness, it never asked “why me?” Understanding position... That for goodness had been oppressed... Knowing freedom would be clear after teaching goodness could never be held for greed of gain. It is thought the clouds hide the moon, the moon that is waited for. It is truly up to the light of the moon to choose when to come back and how to respond to those who have been oppressing the soul. The way a rotted leaf is removed for more growth the same way the swan continues to battle to remove what was unwillingly allowed in. Watching the light emerge from under its wings, One Swan wins, all woes are diminished.             

The Queen of all Creation

Originating from the one, beyond the concept of time, the Queen unites the love of all creation for the one. Those who disconnect themselves from creation take advantage, they use anti love emotions, lust, rage, greed, attachment, and conceit. Their weakness and need to negatively control everything other than themselves allows evil to shape. They think they can “battle” and rewrite the Queen and the perfection of SAINTS created. These battles are as of the fools that need to acquire the imbalance they require for their desperate survival. The power the true Queen is blessed with cannot be described. She encounters the disconnected with the ones who sacrifice themselves wholly for the protection and happiness of creation, understanding they are we and not I. Together they battle on all worldly planes. All is overcome with great strength, positivity and pure energy, the dance of the battle is with the rhythm of everything. Everything is rhythm, art, music, one. They are known by trillions but not by the remaining millions who are in deep sleep. ‘Undiscovered’ 'planets' all connected to the leaves of the lotus flower Queen, the one beyond ‘time’ and ‘space’. Light Light Light, countless worlds, love the planet that gives you the breath of light.

Queen and King of Love

Love travelled through lifeforms, planets, mountains and all of the lands to unlock each other’s real purpose. Connected through staples of fate, the Queen of all light anticipated the take back of her world of worlds in the new era of Satyug which she has achieved through energy seen in many forms such as “thunder” and “lightning” dancing in the sky. The King is the chosen addition to the guard. The Queen is the key to unlock his potential to become one of the guardians of the true pyramids, the real guardians of the galaxy. He is calm yet strives for justice. You can find them in a true Singh and Kaur, each of their hairs interlock to tell the story of their DNA. All features are created through connected lines and other worldly signals.  The Queen has reconnected to an equal love that is talked about throughout all creation. The Queen has truly found the light of the North Star.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji and The World Window

Guru Arjan Dev Ji has saved all through the ultimate kindness and ultimate sacrifice ensuring those who can conquer their minds could no longer be controlled. Guru ji is more than what is depicted largely today. Guru ji is one with the universe beyond the construct of time. Guru ji’s entire being, so strong... gleaming with the shine of millions of suns that guru ji's Daarhi (beard) shows how Guru Ji has become part of the fire, the water, the all… without the fire harming his true form. The father of the light is seen here as more than the torture methods that such a master warrior overcame, making a difference to all forever and always. Such articulation and strength in Guru Jis teachings, saving countless. A perfect and ever so talented Satguru ji…Showing us how to not waver our minds.

Hidden Ocean on Mars

The Queen of the universe has revealed the ocean on Mars, you are beginning to see. however, what truly should have been explored and nurtured was within and in reach. Answers are there if the receptivity is tuned in however, the truth of knowledge is only appreciated with true beauty. See the layers of experience.

The blue winged bird

Connected to all, the window to the worlds. Linked to all from the smallest yet strongest creatures to the spiritual elephant form of “Prasadi” to the branches of the whispering leaves of goodness to the traveling snake. The love of all, within, without, immersed – Ekta (oneness).

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