Which art chooses you? Which portal do you choose?

Art is not subjective. A view of higher energy, open perceptiveness is important. Open from your shell and surpass...I hear you… You want something particular in your living room, but realistically isn’t a lot of what you see and choose matching to your insecurities? Do you buy from angles of trauma instead of angles of support and investment? True art stands forever hence why it is incorrect to say it is subjective. True creativity is crucial…It is a pull of correct consciousness. I have started by stating… This is about an adventure of the soul. Does it have to be representational of only what your layers of conditioning and perception are, only what you know today and not tomorrow…Or is it beautiful because it shows you the future? What even is modern art? What is modern? What is it worth? When you can see just how something connects? I am bored of the closed perception of many things and I have been glad to be an avenue to those who once thought that art was just colour filled cups and... one colour. The stem begins to broaden its view not because you put a seed there. It’s because it received love, self-love, power, true “electricity”. Is it fair to be afraid of what to say because it is supposedly not in your character? How do you feel when you see true art? They say emotional intelligence as if it is a separate intelligence. Love is the orbit, the motion of the wave, the stem formation, circulation, power. Sometimes there may not be a direct call or answer to you but just imagine how dull it would be without creativity. Buildings and copycats, a hidden away, “Insert label of artist here "_Stem Flight_”, what? Times the seed has been buried and the stem is cut but do we understand the many times it has just been a means to incorrect benefit. So, in stem view... I’ll let the view of the art…. The “portal” many have chosen… Do the talking.  

Congratulations on making it this far... More instructions to come

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