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The process of how and why is vital; its natural. Its instinctive, I am not so reliant on materials, many times I have had to adapt these… Mix, amend, create. I have had an interest in many forms of art, but this was a fruit made for me. The first step here is remembering… Creating is about letting what may look like an imperfection become perfection… Etching away, chiseling, and defining… Not bulldozing or breaking… It is creating around, from within and completing a step when the right moment comes. The collision and sparks of the new debris are soothing to me, much of this happens in the Universe. Wave from the smallest stem to the biggest tree, slow down, let them live. Slow down, sometimes… Let yourself live. We don’t need to feel as if going fast or going hard means to exist. I see the glistening… The paths are full of a shimmer… Pause. Go forward. Seek back… Play. When I showcased in my Expedition I showed you a wave. Since then I have continued to create and when the right moment comes I am looking forward to a further release of the latest creations… Once again unlike anything seen before and a telling of events. I have created for moments of lifetimes and it comes back in many ways. I do not find the correct word to describe events, nor can I explain my role… but …Do not focus on the speed of how long it takes to create… Think of how precious each moment is whilst creating. Some is contrast, some is immersion… All is interactive.

The reason I have chosen to put much effort into recording is to show how the ripple makes the wave, the layers that make up part of the wander. I am passionate in making it clear that this is living “art”… Creation. Whether I sit, stand, whether the “art” stands… I have created without a desk and with. I see and feel a new detail each time I am blessed to see one again. The stem in itself waves.

I do not plan, I teach myself. I feel brave in my choices to just begin and from darkness I choose light. I create the skeleton; it is important to feel instinct first. I have created my own techniques. I help to bring events to light. I choose to show real beauty instead of just features. I show the connection of those who shine.

The movement is a dance to me. I move with my creation I do not let it move alone or move to just one angle. It is my highest north, yet I move in all directions and it dances like the planets do. I give my creation the deepest of respects. I know just which song, which tune…Just which notes, which instrument… Which heartbeat matches perfectly to each.

I thank the earth, an ocean of beauty. I thank the best of artists, my father… An artist who created a home filled with detail. With love to my Guru Ji which leads me to … The first STEM WAVE: “Dashmesh Guru Pita Kalgeya Valeya, Guru Pita Gobind Singh Ji”. This demonstrates various angles… Very vital to view. This was one I purposefully completed without a video of the process.

...Instructions 2nd

You have seen the first STEM with "instructions 1st"… Connective and live… See how it all fits. STEM WAVE is one in the same…To make it quantifiable… I aim to share a link for each creation. This link will be posted on STEM. There is no specific ‘time’. This link will lead you back to STEM WAVE.

More instructions to follow.

The creation does the most… If you have not seen the bigger picture, guess...View, share… Tell me what you see, feel, remember.

Instructions 3rd

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Update for new expeditioners: We have completed our challenge phase yet the opportunities to explore are ongoing. Click here to view how we did or continue on your journey and view all of Stem "the organic gallery" > Stem Wave, Stem View, Stem Flight 

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Crow Love Song


Guru Nanak Dev Ji ~ Joyti Kaur Kalsi



One Swan - Joyti Kaur Kalsi



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